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About Us

KeatsConnelly provides management of your investment accounts based on your goals and needs of a cross-border lifestyle. While we are able to manage assets in Canada1 and the US, when you combine our investment management with our cross-border tax and financial planning expertise, you enjoy a truly comprehensive approach to the management of your wealth–a claim that very few firms can make. We provide unbiased advice; we do not accept commissions, referral fees, kickbacks, soft dollars or any other type of income from any source other than our clients. To read more about the KeatsConnelly difference, click here.

KeatsConnelly began professionally managing money in the US in 1990.

What Clients Want

We realize that you are concerned with protecting your existing wealth, earning a reasonable return, keeping taxes low, and receiving unbiased advice. And of course, you want experienced and competent professionals who understand your unique situation.

What We Provide

We believe that our investment philosophy allows us to provide a high-value, low-cost approach to investing that is based on the best academic research available.

We have developed an investment philosophy that begins with an emphasis on empirical research over the often detrimental emotional decisions investors make based on the latest trends or disasters happening in the world. The empirical research that we rely on comes from many sources but is based primarily on the work of Drs. Eugene Fama of the University of Chicago and Kenneth French of Dartmouth who developed the multi-factor asset pricing model. Their primary findings are:

  • Those that actively pick individual stocks and bonds, on average, do not perform as well as a passively managed group of securities (e.g. an index), after expenses.
  • Expenses matter. Keep expenses such as mutual fund and ETF expense ratios as low as possible, limit trading costs and manage the portfolio for tax efficiency.
  • Value stocks (measured by low Price to Earnings or low Book to Value) outperform growth stocks over time.
  • Small company stocks (measured by their market capitalization) outperform large stocks over time.

To read more about the research of Drs. Fama and French, click here.

An investment philosophy that is vetted and consistent

KeatsConnelly employs an investment committee to oversee the firm’s investment philosophy, decisions, and processes. The committee includes, among others, our president and founder, Bob Keats, RFP, CFP®, MSFP, and John Rice, CFA®. The Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) designation is the highest professional designation that can be earned in the investment industry. To learn more about the CFA® designation, click here.

An agreement on your goals and our mandate before we invest

For all of our investment clients, we create an Investment Policy Statement (IPS). An IPS is a document drafted between us, the portfolio manager, and you the client, and it outlines our general strategy for managing your portfolio. The IPS defines your investment goals and objectives and describes the parameters within which we can manage your portfolio, such as the asset allocation target and ranges, risk tolerance, liquidity requirements, and special circumstances particular to each client. To view a sample of our IPS, click here.

A quarterly performance report and economic discussion

Each quarter we provide a short letter describing what is happening in the markets along with a report of how you have done for the last quarter, year-to-date, last 5 and 10 years, compared to your applicable targets or benchmarks. Annually, we provide a more comprehensive report that also includes a consultation where we review your long-term plan, performance, and the markets. Our objective is to keep you on track toward your investment goals and for us to remain sensitive to your changing circumstances.

1 KeatsConnelly, ULC is licensed as a Portfolio Manager in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario.

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